ISIT – Interactive outdoor technology

We know how to make a 46-inch ‘tablet’, the LCD display standing on the sidewalk, working both in summer and winter. The solution has been tested in 200 spots across the Pomeranian region.

The Marshal’s Office in Gdańsk was planning to launch a modern tourist information system, embracing the Internet, the Pomorskie Travel portal and public space; interactive LCD totems located both inside the buildings and outdoors, in the most visited tourist areas.


The biggest challenge was to deliver and install the modern interactive totems equipped with 42-inch and 46-inch LCD screens, some of which were intended to operate outdoors in different weather conditions. The size of the network (245 totems) and scattered devices across the whole Pomeranian region required remote management of the content and totems.

Digital signage

Graphic design, Production of touch displays, Installation, Integration, Infinitus outdoor LCD systems, Sitekiosk software, System management, Maintenance

Project implementation video

130 days for production
and installation of 245 totems

Interactive outdoor totem with a 45-inch LED touch screen

Interactive indoor totem with a 42-inch touch screen

outdoor totems

indoor totems

We had a plan

Production started

-40 degrees to +55 degrees
are safe operating temperatures
for outdoor LCD displays

Our technical team visited the whole Pomeranian region.
The diagonal length of the displays of 42’’ and 46’’ enabled us to create a ‘live’ map of the whole region, including the key attractions, photos, 360-degree panoramic views and public transport and timetables.

Plan your trip with the interactive totem

The project has gained recognition both in Poland as well as abroad.

The second best project for public spaces in the world
World Tourism Organization UNWTO2013


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