Creative advertising – Hilton


We faced the task of creating customised advertising format for one of the most recognizable hotel chains in the world. Hilton Gdansk turned to us with a request to prepare an outdoor creative, to be displayed at Gdansk airport and targeted to the passengers.


We have created a project that highlighted Hilton’s excellent location, in the heart of Gdansk. Emphasising its immediate vicinity of the historic Main Square, the Old Town and the Motlawa River. Placing the panorama of the city on an outdoor creative was quite challenging due to its unusual format - a triangle. Ultimately, the project was created using advanced graphics and 3D rendering, which gave our key visual high level of realism and sense of space.

Creative agency

Key Visual, Graphic Design, 3D Graphics, Outdoor

We used 3D graphics and advanced digital processing to create our key visual for the Hilton Hotel in Gdansk.


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