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Interactive marketing

Websites or online stores are always created having user on mind, taking care of every graphical detail and intuitive interface. What compares us from the competition is the offer enriched with the elements that make a website becomes "smarter". Achieving this effect through a combination of areas of UX - a set of user experience in interaction with the website - with Onsite Marketing - a set of activities undertaken on a website, encouraging the user to make specific actions and activity of online marketing attracting potential customers to the website. Our unique approach enables continuous optimization of creating the website, ensuring its higher efficiency.

Creative agency

We offer comprehensive assistance in the field of brand strategy, creation of advertising concepts, graphic designs and logotypes and branding processes. We have a multidisciplinary team of project engineers, graphic designers and copywriters. We plan, create and carry out advertising campaigns both online and offline (360 Marketing). We employ modern and efficient marketing tools that distinguish your brand from the competition.

Video production

We have specialized team dealing especially with film production, which operates under the brand name 'Garage 58'. We are creating commercials and promotional movies for television, cinema and the Internet.

Digital signage

DDS stands for Digital Dynamic Signage and proves that our company was set up with digital signage and interactive networks in mind. For the last 8 years we have implemented over 80 projects and we are providing maintenance for over 25 000 displays. We have also built a highly experienced and qualified team which makes us a leader in the industry. We treat every project individually, give guidance on how to maximise the effectiveness of the content and how to choose the right device and software. We have our own design studio and create customized multimedia applications. DDS offers only reliable and effective solutions. We cooperate with the biggest suppliers of devices and digital signage software.

DOOH (digital out of home) networks

We specialise in setting up and maintaining DOOH networks of LCD screens, LED displays and interactive devices. Our experience enables us to offer our clients effective, scalable and reliable solutions. We know how to create a business model for DOOH network and we are able to sell commercial airtime. We have our own advertising office and we manage our own networks via idooh.tv platform. We also outsource technical support for your clients.

Digital innovations

Digital environment is changing in a very dynamic way expanding into next areas of life. Trying to keep up with these changes we have created a team of programmers and engineers, who are responsible for the development and integration of new technologies. We are developing native applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile and we use RWD/HTML5 technologies to craft powerful mobile applications that are custom-made to the end user’s needs. Apart from standard mobile solutions we offer augmented reality applications using technologies like BLE, RFID, NFC and Zigbee.

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