Modern banking, not online-only

Why would a branch office of a bank look monotonous and inaccessible?

Delivery of integrated digital signage system within the remodelling and refreshing of branch offices. Creative concepts and advanced digital solutions.


DDS Poland was commissioned to carry out a project of delivering a comprehensive digital signage solution. We started off testing the product in a branch office equipped with a few modern devices facilitating communication. Ultimately, we have delivered the solution to tens of places and we are creating content for the digital signage screens.

Digital signage

Delivery and integration of digital signage video walls, Delivery of equipment for the demonstration branch office, Content creation, Sensory marketing – audiomarketing, Aromamarketing

DDS Poland got an opportunity to participate in a project of refreshing the branch offices and implementing a new model of customer service at ING Bank Śląski. The testing phase incorporated delivery and installation of equipment in the most problematic branch office with a video wall made of six 46-inch Full HD screens oriented horizontally. The screens were intended to display a single unified image. The challenge incorporated delivery of equipment for a multimedia post and an interactive table for kids.

Apart from selecting and delivering technology we were commissioned to develop content for the above-mentioned devices. Our creative team cooperated closely with the client and agencies responsible for traditional merchandising and development of media campaigns. We had to revive static posters and leaflets.

The effects were amazing. Not only the animations themselves, but also 2D and 3D and FX effects as well as the green screen postproduction. All this brought about an interesting cooperation between DDS Poland and ING, the creation of content for screens in modern branch offices. Depending on a branch office, we have developed the standards regarding the number of screens a wall, which is 2 to 4 screens.


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