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DDS Poland is the exclusive seller of the advertising space at the aiport in Gdańsk.
Our task was to establish the first integrated advertising network for passengers in Poland. The task wasn’t easy. Nevertheless, having believed in the power of digital communication, we managed to meet the high standards. Today the network of our displays targets the passengers following all paths through the terminal, from the entrance to the terminal to the departure gates, as well as from the baggage reclaim to the exit.


Our eye-catching displays present your message to airline passengers before departure – as they enter ticketing (FIS screens), proceed through security and gather in gate areas. Strategically located screens also expose your advertising to a big number of arriving passengers. A 141-inch multiwall is the first thing arriving passengers see after passing through the jetway bridge.

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We analyzed passengers’ waiting behavior and their activity engagement. We investigated what the highest traffic areas are and where the travellers spend most of their time. In this way we were able to develop a strategic map of digital displays for certain tagret groups on the basis of which we launched an integrated idooh.tv network. 40-inch to 141-inch displays have been installed in the areas of maximum passenger concentration
and offer most relevant visibility.

The airport in Gdańsk-Rebiechowo is Poland’s first airport built entirely from scratch. It was opened on 2 May 1974. The new terminal (T1) welcomed its first passengers on 4 August 1977, whereas in 2012 one of the most modern passenger terminals in Poland got launched. Innovative solutions are well-suited for high-capacity flow of up to
5 million passengers a year.

Significant growth of passenger traffic is particularly impressive in Gdańsk.
The year 2014 was exceptionally good for Gdańsk airport.
3 288 180 passengers were handled, showing a growth in traffic of 15,6% against the previous year.

This made it possible for Gdańsk to secure its position as the third biggest airport in Poland, giving way only to Warsaw and Krakow.

Our priority is to offer our client an inescapable visibility. Therefore, each display allows for viewing up to 4 advertisers only.

The duration of an ad in a loop cannot exceed 30 seconds, which guarantees 630 displays for every advertiser during one day and 30 displays in every hour a passenger spends inside the terminal.

There is plenty more to it than just digital ads.
Static displays will enhance you advertising campaign, offering numerous opportunities to promote your products and services:

massive-size mesh banner - inverted triangle mounted below the ceiling in the departures hall (wym: 13,5 m x 14,8m)


car displays

door wrapping (hard rock cafe)

island displays

Our advertising network perfectly blends in with the terminal’s architecture. In 2014 we maximized the audience reach to each of over 3 million passengers during all stages of their travel.


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